Fiat 513 R Hand brake issues - please help me!!



New member
Jul 19, 2015
Queensland, Australia
Hi folks,

I have a Fiat 513 R that the hand brake handle will not move!

When things are working properly it works like this. The release button on top of the hand brake lever is depressed, which disengages a pawl on the toothed quadrant, allowing the hand brake lever to rotate the lever shaft and in turn moves the brake actuator rod back and forth engaging the brake assembly!

Well that's how it should work!

Here is my problem - The hand brake lever is in the engaged position and will not move!

I have done the following:

Disengaged the brake actuator rod (so a binding brake assembly can not be causing the problem)

Verified the release button is disengaging the pawl on the toothed quadrant (to verify the brake lever handle is still not 'locked' in place)

So the only thing keeping the hand brake lever from moving is that it can not rotate the lever shaft

This lever shaft has the hand brake lever on one end and the other end goes into the bowels of the gear box transmission. It seems to me that something in 'there' is keeping the lever shaft from rotating.

I would appreciate any thoughts or comments on this dilemma before I pull out what little hair I have!!!

Thank you!