Fiat 650 3pl arms raise with no weight

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Nov 16, 2018
Proserpine QLD
Massey Ferguson 188, JD 2130, Fiat 650
Hey guys. Have a problem with my fiat 650. Not sure how many people have these tractors. Not the greatest model made but it runs well. The lift circuit is really pretty average truthfully but I can put up with that. What is driving me mad is the fact that the 3pl arms lift up to max position with no weight on them. With an implement it works ok. As soon as I disconnect they raise up. It seems to have gotten worse or i have run out of patience to the point where I have to shut the tractor down and drop the arms slowly to hitch up. Any help will save my sanity.
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G'day mate talk to GW tractors up in Bris they should be able to help you out it sounds like oil bypassing the control spool or setting of the spool not much info around on these unfortunately.

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Thanks Jon. Just had a look they deal with all things Fiat. Brilliant! Have never heard of them before.
I thought maybe the drain valve was blocked or partially blocked. It is a big job to get to anything hydraulic on this model. Reservoir off to even look.