Finding a 6-hole 170mm b.c. Wheel ???

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Oct 6, 2020
My CK27 Kioti has 6-hole wheels, with a metric 170mm bolt circle. The b.c. is also sometimes called a 6.69" or a 6.693" or even a 6 11/16". The center hole is called a 5.32". I haven't seen it listed with it's metric number.

So, I simply want to know what other tractors, if there are any, use that exact same 6-hole 170mm b.c. wheels, with a 5.32" center hole. ?????

Have ask on several tractor forums. Not one single person has posted ANY other tractor brand/model that uses this wheel. Is the compact Kioti the ONLY tractor sold in the US that used this wheel ???

So far, I've only come up with 2 solutions.

(1) Make a center section & weld it into a wheel which has some other pattern center.

(2) Use an 8-hole 170mm b.c. 1999-2004 Ford dually wheel. The 2 studs in the Kioti axles will fit into any 2 opposite holes in the 8-hole wheel. That would probably get the tractor home. Or, I can add a couple of holes, in order to use 4 fasteners. The 16" tires would be much shorter than the 15-19.5 R-4 tires. But, again, this is only for an emergency spare, just to get the tractor home, in case I have another flat. 2 miles is about the farthest it ever gets from home.

Just think of this as one of the space saver spares that come in many vehicles. They're only meant to be used in an emergency situation.

If anybody here knows of other common tractors that use this 6-hole 170mm b.c. wheel, PLEASE post that info !

Thanks !
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My DK45 also has 6 lug rear wheels; albeit different size tires (17.5 / 24).

As best as I could measure the bolt circle and center hole are also the same size as yours. - Must be a Kioti thing:)

I have not priced any of this, but it strikes me as being prohibitively expensive for what sounds like to be simply a "spare". Do you get flats often?? My tires are tubeless, if yours are also, couldn't you just 'plug' the leak (at least good enough to get you home).

Since you would have to take your (flat) wheel off anyway, why not just 'throw' it in the pickup, take it to town, and get the flat fixed?

Good Luck!
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Or fix the tire were it is,
a manual bead breaker,
a couple of tire irons and get after it.
once the bead is broken and the tire bared off to the outside
a boot or patch can be installed if tubeless.
If tube type the tube removed and repaired or replaced.
We do not remove the tires from the tractors to repair them.
Many times we will air them up to get home before repairing if possible.