Firewood splitter (youtube)

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Another interesting technique, but slow and slightly more dangerous. lol
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That would appear to have a Darwin award written all over it...
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Well, yes, that is a hand justing to be severed from an arm. It is interesting in that the splitting piece only appears to be about 4" long or so. I wouldn't have guessed it would work the way or as well as, it does.

I wonder if it could be made safe by adding a hoop of tough guard material that would prevent hands and shirt sleeves from getting snagged?
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Notice that he doesn't split any larger logs, just stuff 6" and less. I wouldn't even split most of that stuff--once you have a fire going they can go in whole.

There is one very short maybe 10" log that he presents to the splitter in a vertical position.

I don't think it would work very well on larger logs, or on ones with even slightly twisted grain.

Too dangerous for my money...