First tractor - did you buy too big or too small?

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I began looking for a tractor more than 3 years ago. Started with the Chinese tractors in the $8,000 area and if I recall correctly about 20 hp. I didn't want a FEL and only wanted something to do light work around the farm (87 acres). I soon realized this would be too small and began looking at Kubota and John Deere. But still no loader.

Then my brother bought a Kubota 3400 with a loader and I used it one day. After using the loader, I realized I needed that as well. When I went to the dealers, I found that I could purchase a Deere 4310 cheaper than the Kubota L3400 my brother had purchased.

One of the reasons for the 4310 was that it was the biggest I could purchase without having a big price jump. I've run the tractor for more than 450 hours and still feel very happy with it.

But, I did spend a lot of time looking before I bought and also drove different models. Give yourself some time to enjoy the buying process and you will probably make a better choice.
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I started with the idea that I wanted as much HP as I could get with the money I had available. Almost everything else was secondary. I ended up with a Kubota L4400 which is 45 HP. So far it has been nearly perfect. I think a fancier tractor would be wonderful but with a fixed budget, the fancier they got, the less HP I could afford.

I've had the 4400 for 1.5 years. Still love it.

Doesn't mean I don't _want_ a bigger tractor because I do. I would love a 5040 or 7040.....but I don't _need_ a bigger tractor at all.
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slowrev said:
You need an assortment of tractors, sort of like your footwear. One pair of footwear does not fit all your needs does it ?
A man cannot have too many tractors :D
Well, you can't argue with what slowrev said.
On the other hand, after much research about tractor use on my land, and compromised with a smaller budget, I opted for a 55hp Kama 554. It is rather Spartan like but a real warrior of a tractor, as my description eludes to. I have maxed out the power and challenged all it's capacities. Additionally, I have made many upgrades to it and also to my implements to meet my needs. Some chores could have been done with a smaller tractor and then again, some needed a larger one. However, my thought is rather than getting an additional tractor, perhaps a used dozer or excavator would be better suited for some of the work. Having only the one tractor though, I think I bought the right size. I have 27 acres of wilderness property with meadows, ravines, rocks, gullies and plateaus. I am improving it from scratch.

Some thoughts on convenience...
A QA bucket.
An EZ change system fro the 3pt.
Front and rear hydraulics for additional implements.
A hydro trans for loader work
Plenty of weight, traction and hp
Various implements as you need them and can afford them or build/make them.
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I bought too small, but could have managed with the 20hp JD750 if I had weighted it down to the absolute max. I upgraded to a 39hp for additional stability on slopes, the additional gpm hydo flow and the weight to handle a backhoe. Its nice to have a warrenty also.
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My first and only real tractor is a 1965 John Deere 2010. On occasion I wish I had a little bit more horse power but the tractor size I am happy with. I was wishing for 4 wheel drive on occasion, especially in the Winter but since I bought tire chains I am happy with the two wheel drive.
Once in a while I think about a back hoe but the LOML says it is not a good idea because I would have trenches dug from one end of my property to the other. Anyone out there have a problem with trenches?
David B
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While I truly love my 4410, it is just a tiny bit too small. The only time this really shows up is when I use it as a forklift, which is fairly often. We own our own business, and the warehouse is right next to our home. The 4410 has to be our forklift when we get a shipment in, and it just barely will lift our standard pallets off the back of a semi. I looked at trading up to a 4x20, but it was more than I wanted to spend for a marginal increase in capacity.
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Needed something smaller than the 8N and Ford 600 for bushhoging and cultivating boxwoods. Needed to use a 4' hog and small frame tractor. Ran across a Kubota L185 MFWD.

Perfect size all I would need and could bushhog a few lots we had.;)

Acquired a 42 ac tract and since I was always having to work on the 8N or 600. Thought a 30+/- HP (L3130)4x4 with FEL in the future would be all I would ever need:eek: .

Acquired another 100ac and now need 50-70HP and this should be all I ever need:eek:

Was going to sell the 3130 with FEL and get M5040, M7040, TN65 or TN75. Had a buyer and ready to buy bigger when wife said lets go ahead and build on the 42ac site now. So I figure the 3130 will be better for landscaping around the house. So I'll keep it for another year then sale.

The next tractor should be all I will ever need;) :eek: :D at least thats what I tell my wife!
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Thanks to this site, I purchased just the right size. New Holland TC45D. I wanted enough horse power to run a good mower and 45 was a good size. I wanted to be able to run a tiller, the hst transmission is a perfect match. I wanted it small enough to trailer when I need to, and the Large compact utility size is perfect. I wanted to be able to use different attachments on the FEL, and the skidsteer universal quick attach was the answer. I researched a lot before my purchase and the research was mostly done right here. Thank you to all who shared in thier experiences. I have read many posts here that helped me choose the right size and features. I have tried to share with others so they can make an informed decision as well. I know I love my quick attach FEL but don't know if I would have paid to change it out if it wasn't already on it. Getting what you need or want at the time of purchase can save you in the long run.
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Bought a used IH 454 utility (40 hp diesel) with a 2050A HD loader. It was a real good machine, but the loader could easily lift more than the fromt end and it was 2 WD (not good for getting around the hills and woods). It was too big.