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For those who have a tiller, how do they handle roots and buried objects ?

That's not helpful, Why do not like King Kutter?
Because it's a box store brand and built lighter than others. If TSC sells it, you know it's substandard.
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Tractor Supply around here does not sell King Kutter. They sell Tarter implements. My KKII tiller chops through roots. I've never had it bog down, and we have rocky soil in CT. I would buy a King Kutter again in a heartbeat. That I got mine used for $700 makes it an even better deal.
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I have a 60" KK tiller. Run the hell out of it every year preparing fields for tree seedlings, minimum of two acres per field. Makes real nice smooth, even tilth of soil for planting seedlings.

Sometimes I will break ground with a heavy off set disc before tilling, sometimes I just hit the field with the KK tiller.... Depends on moisture of the soil, timing or just available time.

I run 00 grease in my side gear box and I think 85-140 gear oil in the top box. The reason for the 00 grease in the side box is after about two years oil started to weep from the box around the torque tube. KK recommended that, so I did it. No oil weeps and still works fine years later. I also added 'trash guards' to the torque tube to help keep woody stems and other tangling stuffs from wrapping around the tube and into the seal:rolleyes: A guy should dig that crud out when it accumulates....

I did have to replace a U-joint a little later that same season. Its a common u-joint and Napa has them on hand, Precision 334 u-joint.

I use too till gardens on top of tree farm usage, but not so many now. Like I said, I run the H-E double hockey sticks out of my kk tiller.
I run cotton picker spindle 00 grease in most of my gear boxes.

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My 72" King Kutter is 25 years old, purchased new from TractorSupply. The only problem I had was tearing up the rear gate, 100% my fault. I reinforced the gate 10 years ago and it's been trouble free ever since. I'm guessing I've tilled well over 100 acres with it. With only 30 pto horses I need to take 2 or 3 passes on new ground, or break out the plow. I have heavy clay soil, with a fair number of flat stones. I'm still running 90w gear oil, no leaks in either gear box.