Foam in hydraulic fluid.

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Jun 25, 2017
Roanoke, texas
Bolens G152
In the O/M for my 1502 and 1704, it calls for a high quality low viscosity gear - hydraulic oil such as Bolens 1738157 or equivalent. I've been using an ISO-46 oil for 10+ years with no problems! 80-90 is a gear oil for front axle on 4wd not the hydraulic system of a small tractor!
Where can I buy Bolens 1738157 oil? I don't think I could use engine oil in it. The oil or goes in the trans and it operates the hydraulic pto shaft for the rotto tiller. Thanks
That's the reference for a current oil. Same as Mobil 423 oil. And yes that's been discontinued also. Your local NAPA or Tractor Supply can get you what you need. At Tractor Supply you can use Travellers Premium Tractor Hydraulic fluid and be fine. Have used that in mine and have over a 1000 hrs on 1 and 500 hrs on other with that oil.
Can I use Travellers Hyd fluid in the trans. The trans and hydraulic are the same in my tractor.