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Sep 20, 2023
Hi guys I've got a Ford 655d that is new to me. I've been doing a lot of work such as rebuilding the engine Etc but I'm having an issue when you put it in forward or reverse it jerks and starts pulling at low idle. I tested the controller and the voltage slowly goes up to 7 volts but because I haven't put brakes on it yet it makes it very difficult to operate. Does anyone know what would cause this issue? It will literally slowly climb a hill at idle to a point. Thanks for any and all input
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7 volts is low. How is you battery? You should be getting 12v.
A slow climb up a hill at idle, what about half or full throttle?
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Half or full throttle it pulls great. Keep in mind I have new clutches and the torque converter has been rebuilt. There's really no issue with pulling it's just that idle when you put it in gear it starts pulling instantly. I really don't know what else to do the guy I purchased it from claimed he rebuilt the reverse and forward solenoids.
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Your battery is putting out 12v?
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Yes sir my battery is fully charged and the alternator is putting out. I did notice the return to dig wires have been disconnected cut Etc but I don't understand how that would impact anything. I noticed on the forward and reverse solenoids there is to Allen screws with lock nuts does anyone know what this is? Does this adjust the flow of fluid?
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Okay, so the electrical output is good. Never had to adjust the solenoids.
The following is out of the service manual. Besides the troubleshooting here, I am wondering if your pressure is high enough in the shuttle


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I think that this is normal in the lower gears. Just like it is with a car that has an automatic transmission. You need to hold them back with the brakes at idle, especially so in a lower gear. You might want to check your idle speed and make sure it's at the lower end of the range. That will help some with this. My 555D is set right at a 700 RPM idle and it barely creeps in second gear. I have to hold it back with the brakes in first.