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Oct 18, 2005
Catt county New York
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I just got a recall notice form Ford for the gas tank straps on my F150. It said they could corrode and break resulting in the gas tank falling on the ground.

Well, it's a little late for that it already happened in June of last year. I'm on the ramp to get on the freeway and all of a sudden "bang". I got out and the tank is on the ground.

I traded the truck in for a new one so this notice is about 15 months late.

I guess I'll have to contact them and see if they will write me a check for the cost of the repair since the trade in $$'s I got for the truck was well below the book value. "HA"
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I'm surprised you got the notice, they normally send it to the address of the current registered owner by the VIN. Did the guy you sold it to not register it?

We had two Ford Rangers in our fleet with ratchet straps holding the gas tank up. Still no recall on them, built Ford tough... :rolleyes:
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I wonder if my 39 model 9n is still under waranty. I don't believe it is but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Wonder what the ford place would say if I pulled up and droped it off and said fix it. I've dealt with them bookoo years they wouldn't have a clue. Well here comes the tech part of the whole senario 9n ford hooked up 4' box blade jerked like it was trying to lift for a dash after that nothing (full of fluid) I have bought a new later model piston and(0) rings it's for the n'aa I do believe what should I check when I am in the proses of changing this or what do I need to look out for wear related any help would be much appreciated.
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Just got mine today. Will contact Ford dealer* and make arrangements.

PS: * a different one...