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Mar 19, 2005
4000\' mountains of Southern California
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I was just wondering if any of you use the front end weights. And if you do use them, did you have to buy them separately or did they come with the purchase of your tractor? I know for awhile Mahindra included them with the purchase of a tractor, with some of the models anyway.:confused: I don't think that they include weights of any kind any more do they? It seems that there aren't even any allowances for wheel weights on a lot of the wheels, especially the R4s.

I am one of the fortunate people that received front end and wheel weights with the purchase of my 7520,:D although I did have to be very persistent with my dealer to get them.

I have found that with the loader removed, it sure helps out to have the extra weight added on to the front end. And with the loader off, the tractor is waaaaay more maneuverable and less bouncy. Now I do not grade or do road maintenance with the loader off, just field work as in disking and harrowing.

As much as the standard front weights helped, I felt that more were needed, so I purchased another full set of weights, that included a set of front end weights and rear wheel weights. Of course after purchasing the extra weights, I had to figure out how to get them all out there. The standard front weight mount only has room for one set. My brother and I designed a new front mount that was big enough to carry all the extra weights. We made a mount that hangs off of the standard front weight mount and now has the weights hanging side ways.

Here are a few pictures, standard front weights, new double weight mount, and double front end weights. Oh what a difference the extra weight makes. I am very happy with this addition.:D I also put in a couple of pictures with my rear weights. :cool:


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I got six 42lb front weights with my 6000 (2002 model). Of course I have an FEL so they've never been on the tractor (I use three of them on my core areator behind the garden tractor every spring). I also got one hyd remote/no extra charge at that time. BobG in VA
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I have 5 - 35lb. weights on front of my 2615HST with loader. I got the weights from work. They traded in their used Bobcat that used the weights on the back. The weights wouldn't fit the new one so they gave them to me. I made my own bracket from 3/8" steel and some angle steel. It helps but could use a little more weight to keep the front tires from sliding when plowing snow.
For rear weight I framed the inside of a 55 gallon plastic barrel and filled it 3/4 full of cement. It weighs about 800 lb.


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George, how are your weights held on to the bracket? Some people just sit them on a bracket and they end up bouncing off. :eek: Setup looks good though.
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My weights are just setting on the piece of angle. I have to tip them almost 90 degrees to get them on but basically they just hang there. I have only had a weight come off if I come to an abrupt stop. The bottom of the weight has to swing forward and up at the same time to come off.
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George, I guess that you are probably ok then, pretty hard to get that weight up to 90 degrees. My weights have to come up about 45 degrees. I have always had mine locked on, but have heard of another guy that has a 7520 that only had his weights setting on his bracket and did not have them locked on, he lost one of his weights. :eek: Hard to believe that it was able to get just the right position to fall off, but it did.
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Even though I have about 180 lbs. on the front the tractor still won't steer when pushing a load of snow. I even tried chains on the front, there's just not enough weight when the loader is in float mode. I don't think adding more would help. I learned to make all my runs straight then lift the bucket and pile the snow. You probably don't have to worry about snow though.
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This is about all the snow that we ever see at one time. There was 8-10" in these pics. Once we got almost 2 feet, but that isn't very often. Seldom does the snow last much more than a week of so around here. :(


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