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Apr 9, 2000
Baldwinsville, New York
Are there any users who may articulate the pros and cons of a front mount mower vs. a ZTR? I am trying to decide which type to purchase and wonder if there are any experienced users out there? I have looked at a Exmark and Kubota ZTR, and a Ford CM224 and Kubota GF1800 front mounted mower. Any help would be appreciated!!
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I have two seasons on a Gravely two wheel tractor with a 50" deck and a stearing sulky(similiar to the front mount model you are looking at). I have one season on a Scag ZTR. The biggest difference I found was in the turning. The front mower wastes a lot of time turning around for each pass vs the ZTR spins and is ready for the next pass in seconds. I cut my mowing time down from 5+hrs to 1-2hrs with the ZTR and I believe it is mostly due to the above. Also, the ZTR has a faster ground speed. Check out the other post on ZTR mowers for more info. Good Luck.
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Since I've never used a ZTR, I'm curious as to how they handle on side slopes. Is it hard to keep them from turning downhill?

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Bird, if it is muddy, the ZTR will slid. They are very low to the ground (low CG?), have a lot of weight, and very wide turf tiers.I have had no problems on slopes. Just go very slow.
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This artical talks about ALMOST commercial machines. The stuff your are looking at is in a totaly different class. From my expierence, I would recommend that you stay with commercial equipment if funds permit.
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It sounds like you have some practical experience with a ZTR. I have a drainage swale about 2000' feet long that has a slight incline that is many times damp. How do you think a ZTR will handle slight hills?

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Jon, with the Gravely (similiar to your front mower machines), I have actually tipped the machine. The ZTR on the same ground just zipped around. Not knowing your landscape and since I don't have a tiltmeter not knowing my landscape in degrees, it is tough to answer your question. I would expect that different brands of ZTR machines would have different characteristics also. Check the tire size, machine weight, and width. Try to demo the machines. As far as the wet ground, my machine will leave lines in the grass, but the wide turf tires haven't left bad ruts. Matter of fact, I was suprised on how turf friendly the machine turned out to be. (I did however get it stuck in the mud and had to have my wife drive it out while I pushed. I sank down to my ankels, no machine could have been used there). I hope that this helps, good luck, Rich.
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we bought a xmark at the end of last season, we tested several others on the property which includes a very steep bank, you can cut across this bank at high speed, change directions, this xmark is exceptionally stable , i dont think you would want to try that with my new hollland. you would have to go some to find a steeper bank.