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Nov 14, 2007
Northeast USA
1955 Ferguson TO-35
I have a 1955 Ferguson TO-35 with a rear 3 point hitch mounted 5 foot wide scraper blade. I've moved a lot of snow with it over 38 years, but when the snow gets over about 12 inches deep, just getting the tractor through the snow is hard enough , without using the blade. I have 12.4 by 28 rear tires, two wheel drive. A basic observation I've made is that if I can move the snow before the tractor tires have to go though it , I'd do much better. Going backwards using the rear blade has its limitations in deep snow , and my two backwards gears are either too slow or too fast . My 6 forward gears are a much better selection. I do have a front end loader on the tractor, and I've long considered making a V plow to mount on the front loader. The bucket I have for the FEL is much too narrow. I'd like to make it clear a 60 inch path through the snow, down my 400 foot dirt and gravel driveway. I don't think I have the traction to push a wide box type straight blade . I'm also concerned that I would not be able to steer effectively if I had any type of front mounted blade. I'd only need this rig about once every 2 or 3 years here in Delaware. The rear mounted tractor scraper blade, and my walk behind snow blower handle our usual 7 to 10 inch snowfalls ok. Would a front mounted V plow work out for me ? It would be home built to save money, and I've even considered using plywood with angle iron edges.
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I've always had four wheel drive and front mounted blades and we have the same length gravel driveways. When we get large storms I plow after every 8 inches or so of accumulation and never let it get over a foot if I can help it. I think also doing the same would serve you well.
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Here's a thread where the guy did exactly what you're talking about... "Wooden Snow V Plow for FEL"

I'm thinking of doing something similar if I get the time this coming summer.