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Jun 22, 2009
JD 2025R TLB, Kubota L4802 and Can Am Defender HD7
I purchased a 2020 JD 2025R, with backhoe, in mid 2020. At the time I had moved to a 2 1/2 acre parcel and had just sold my CT35 bobcat, as I thought I wouldn’t need it anymore. The JD was doing great, as I was only using the loader and backhoe most of the time. I then moved to 5ac in Idaho and bought a Frontier 4060 Rotary cutter with Imatch quick hitch. When I went to attach the cutter, the hitch wouldn’t go down far enough to grab onto the pins. Hmmm… what could be the problem? 14 1/2 inches from the pavement is as low as I could go. Long story short, the dealer had shipped 1025R lift arms with my tractor. I discovered this 2 1/2 yrs after the purchase. I had been using Pat’s QH prior without realizing. The new arms cost me $250.

I then attached the new Rotary cutter, pulled into my field and started the PTO… VIOLENT SLAM, BAM SHAKE…SLAM BAM SHAKE. UH OH. Something was definitely wrong. I shut everything down immediately. I took a look underneath, but didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. I called the dealer and sales person said, don’t worry, that’s normal, let it go for about 15 seconds and it will stop. I knew something wasn’t right, but took the dealer’s advice, started it up and let it run… SLAM, BAM, SHAKE, SLAM BAM, SHAKE. I let it run for about 15 seconds and it stopped alright. I then looked under the cutter and realized the entire front guard chain attachment had been torn off by the blades and it had ripped off and chewed up the chains pretty good. The dealer had installed the chain attachment inside the cutter rather than on the outside. I called and sent the salesman some pictures and he was nice enough to say they would replace it with a new cutter. When the new cutter arrived, it was configured the same as the first. I told the delivery guy and he took it back to get it done right. One of thier workers had set up all thier cutters the same way. Anyway, the new cutter works as it should.

Now onto the rototiler… I purchase a new rototiler (Frontier RT 3049) from a different dealer. He was nice enough to deliver it, but did so with a used PTO shaft which I didn’t notice until a day or so later. I called him on it and he said that was the only one he had and didn’t know what happened to the new one. I told him that as long as it worked ok, I’d just use it as is. I then decided to check the fluids before use. As I went to check the side gear fluid level, I wasn’t able to get the 1 1/16th socket onto the screw head due to another bolt that is in the way. I wasn’t able to remove that bolt, as I wasn’t able to get the Level check bolt off.… not enough clearance. I tried using a crescent wrench, but merely managed to strip the screw head as it was painted over and screwed in too tight. I called the service dept and they said they’d take care of it and send someone out. That was a few days ago. The only solution I see to this is to drain and remove the entire gear cover in order to loosen that screw and then reattach. I still won’t be able to use a socket wrench. Anyway, I used a piece of wire to stick down the fill hole to act like a dip stick to ensure there was fluid in the casing.

Now onto using the rototiler… I hooked it all up, went out into the field and started it up. The soil was dry, but didn’t think that would make a significant difference… was I wrong. i cranked the 2025R up to 3200 RPM to ensure I was at 540 PTO RPM. As soon as it was lowered onto the dirt, the tiler bogged down the tractor immediately… down to below 400 RPM. The tiler depth is set to about 3”. I tried again and the tractor struggled to maintain enough RPM speed. Moist soil will, I’m sure, get better results, but I think the tractor will still have a difficult time.

I’m done with this 2025R. It’s going up for sale and I’m purchasing the Kioti DK 4720SE HST. With 45HP and 33.4 at the PTO, I should breeze right through most chores. Kioti makes the Bobcat CUT’s and I was happy with the one I owned back in 2009. Just a string of bad luck… all at once, I guess.
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I failed to see how your problems can be attributed to the manufacturer. Just because the dealer did a bad job doesn’t mean the brand is bad. Also, you are mad at the manufacturer because you bought a tractor that is too low of horsepower for your application?
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Your new tractor with 45HP might be in a different category than the 2025 is/was.
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What I see that is a 25 hp tractor. Big difference from 45. Shucks, 35 hp could be a major difference to 25 hp.

I do agree the dealership(s) sound like did not train some of their employees.

Maybe I missed it but did not see any size on the tiller. I have a M6800 Kubota with I think 65 hp on pto. Bought a 6 or 7 foot tiller. In virgin ground tiller it about 3 or so inches was as deep as I felt comfortable to go.

One piece of advice will share, one I don't hold to always but decide on the job, get equipment for what you want and try to have tractor hp and equipment in the same hp class. Over loaded tractor will not perform well and will strain the tractor. (and you)
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Sounds like people still do not believe that it takes five (5) PTO horsepower for each foot of PTO driven implement attached to the rear of the tractor. A JD 2025 R is rated to have 18 PTO horsepower. A four foot tiller or rotary cutter would be more than the tractor is capable of providing sufficient power to use the implement.