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I traded the TC33D in on the Toolcat but I owned it for 19 years. I always used the glow plugs year round and only double cycled them a couple times during super cold weather. I would also plug in the block heater when it was cold. I always thought it started very good all the time I owned it.
Thanks. I don't operate much in the winter, so it's still not engrained for me to push clutch pedal in when really cold. That helps. I only really started using in winter this year to remove snow as snowblower bothers my back too much.
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Having to deal with a Jelled up front end loader plowing snow 70 miles back in the mountains for a logging outfit 30 odd years ago, I do a few things different since and have had ZERO fuel issues since.

Buy fuel from a reputable distributor, treat fuel with anti-jell year round, keep extra filters around, that one mostly habit. Also keep equipment topped off with fuel when done working. If you don't see the distributor treat there fuel, treat it yourself.

I have yet to have to deal with any of my own equipment for jelled fuel systems since that bitter single digit day 70 miles back in the mountains getting that snow blade equipped 966 running again.

I use to cut my fuel with kerosene, but would still use a treatment to keep the 'lubrication' in the fuel. Anymore, I have just been using anti-jell treatments. Used power service for a while and have switched to hot shots secret anti-jell treatment.

Hot shots is more concentrated and I use less product for colder temp jell protection and other additives. I mix it in while my bulk tank is being filled, run the fuel year round and refill the bulk tank in fall/early winter.