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Nov 19, 2000
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Well, I am at the point that I need to get new front tires for my tractor. It is an Ingersoll/case 444. It came with ribbed type tires when new, and my question is, should I replace with the same, or use a turf type tire? What is everyone else using? Any pros, or cons to either one? I see that most tractor companies put turf tires on their tractors, but Ingersoll used ribbed on theirs. Any one knows why? Thanks.

Paul Bradway
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The only problem I found out w/ turf tires,not much traction on wet ground when mowing on a slope also plowing snow and thats why I use tire chains on the rear.
Since you have a tiller I would think the turf tires would load up on you.

If the ribbed type tires fits your needs far as traction,I would stick with them.

If you should choose another type of tire and use tire chains,make sure you have enough clearance.

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[[If the ribbed type tires fits your needs far as traction,I would stick with them.]]

Well, that’s the problem. I just got the tractor this fall, and haven't used it much. I don't know if it has enough traction. I will be using it for mowing, grading, garden tilling, and plowing and general hauling and towing. So I need to know what tires I am better off with. BTW, the tires are 16x6.5x8. Thanks.

Paul Bradway
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Front tires, unless I'm mistaken, have little to do with traction. (The rear tires are the driving force.) You will probably have an easier time finding turf tires as opposed to ribbed tires. You should, however, consider bar tires for the rear, especially if you will be doing any tilling.
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Ya, I am thinking of going with the bar tires on the rear. The only problem is I have not found any in the size I need. The rear is 8.00x16. Still have not got any for the front, I think I will go with the turfs, just get some 4 ply ones.

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A lot of places on the web will ship. Check out the R1-Lugs at Tires Wholesale. (I use to have a link for Carsile Tires, another possibility, but couldn't find it.)

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