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Apr 7, 2000
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After a couple of years of borrowing a gas powered trimmer (weedeater brand) I'd like to get one for myself. I noticed Stihl makes an hedge attachment for an 026 saw. This sounds to me like it would be too heavy to use for more than about two minutes. Also, the long reach units look interesting, less ladder repositioning. Anyone have experience with these?

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Gomez, I must have a thing for <font color=orange>orange</font color=orange>. I have several Stihl tools. My latest is a FS85RT It has the straight shaft that allows attachments to be changed. I have the grass trimmer and HT chainsaw pruning attachment. It sure makes pruning trees a pleasure. As a grass trimmer it is a little overkill. But it does a great job. I also have a 031 chain saw that is over 25 years old. Has never missed a beat. I used to use it to cut firewood when I heated our house with wood. My old grass trimmer is over 15 years old. I dropped it last spring./w3tcompact/icons/frown.gif Thought I was never going to get the parts to fixit. Finally went to the local <font color=green>John Deere</font color=green> dealer. He worked though some old parts list and found the carburetor parts to repair it. Didn't get the pruning attachment for the FS85RT, because I have a Stihl HS45, 24" hedge trimmer. I've never used another gas hedge trimmer. But an electric one just doesn't get the job done./w3tcompact/icons/frown.gif
There is a lot of good equipment on the market to do the same jobs. You will have to shop around to find the best equipment and service in your area. But for my money its <font color=orange>orange</font color=orange>./w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif

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I have the Stihl model 025 and when I checked into the hedge trimmer attachment (which won't fit my model) it cost as much as just buying a gas powered hedge trimmer. There are many good models on the market, both Stihl and Echo make modes that I like.
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Ron,I also have a Stihl chainsaw and trimmer.Like you I've had my 041 for over 20 years.I have been considering the HS45/24".I know there is not much maintenance to power end of it, but what's it like to remove and sharpen the blades?
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I have not had to sharpen my blade yet. With the amount of trimming I have to do, it will be a couple of years away. I always keep a good coating of oil on the blade to stop rust. I was only going to get an 18". The day I went to purchase mine. There was not an 18" in stock./w3tcompact/icons/tongue.gif The HS45 allows me to get the trimming done in about 45minutes./w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif The cleanup takes about 2 hours./w3tcompact/icons/frown.gif

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Thanks Ron,I'm sure we're going to buy this trimmer,true it's a few dollars more than a pair of manual hedge trimmers,but I'm strapped for time and what would take 45 minutes to do with a power trimmer would take about 4-5 hours the "old" way.
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I have the Echo HC1500 and it works great! I can do my complete year in about 45 minutes from almost 2 hours! I liked the Echo over the Stihl but that is me.
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I just knew I was going to find a post on here about Hedge Trimmers. I'm looking for a new gas unit as I write this post. I have used a Stihl recently and it was the HS45 unit with the 18" blades. It started fine and ran very well. I did about 120,000 sq feet of hedge both woody and evergreen plants at a local Airport this past Monday. I also used a Echo long reach model for the tall plants. The Stihl was light and very easy to use. The Echo extended reach model was heavy and awkward to use. I liked the Stihl alot it was very easy on fuel and wasn't as loud as I had expected. I also have looked at the HC1500 and HCR 1500 Echo units.The HCR has a five position handle and I sure like that feature alot. It would make trimming the vertical areas easy as cake. I have a friend who works for a dealer that sells both Stihl and Echo. He told me he can get either at cost so which way does a person turn. One landscaper in the area swears by Echo ( he has four crews out every day and all they use are the HC1500's.) another company in the area stated he has had no luck with the four Echo's he has had in the last three years. I asked him why he bought two new ones when he had trouble with the first and he stated the dealer talked him into them. Told him the units were new and improved that they got all the bugs out. Oh well so much for that dealer in much search. So how about some more input here folks E-mail me with your thoughts please, before I make a mistake in my purchase. As always thanks, Scaper