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Jun 7, 2017
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I'm new at fixing leather boots, so bear with me...

I recently bought a pair of nice Chippewa leather boots and while I was at work somehow I must've had a door strike and gashed the leather and a part of the sole. They are my nicer boots for when I go to meetings. I'm bummed that it happened, because they are beautiful boots. I don't even remember this happening. I literally noticed like halfway through the day.

Any ideas on how to fill that in?

Is there like a leather filler or something?

The wood or whatever that is looks like I can sand it down and use some Minwax stain and poly to fix it.

Or should I just take it to a professional cobbler and call it a day?

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I don't think the gash is of much harm to the boot itself......just the appearance. I'd do nothing to highlight the gash. ...just the approppriate boot polish and let it go at that. My dress boots are Chippewa also...made in USofA.

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Clear superglue to stop the cut from progressing, then polish like^^^
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Clear superglue to stop the cut from progressing, then polish like^^^
This is what I would do, otherwise it will grow.

Why does that always happen to new things, instead of the old pair that you never liked anyways?
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Spread some cow poo on it and no one will ever see it. :)
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It's like the first scratch on a new car. It still drives the same but you know it's there. Just don't look at it.
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Thanks for all of your suggestions! Normally my work boots I don't care about. They have lots of gashes, scrapes, dirt, paint, etc on them. So I never really paid much attention to actually fixing leather. It just added character to them, like what happened to these.

To cut to the chase, I asked my neighbor, and he had a leather repair kit with leather fillers that you mix to match the color. There was premixed colors, and one of them looked very close (wet), and he said that it would darken. So I took him up on it, and he showed me how to repair/fill the gash. Dog gone it, the color looks right on as it's drying!

He's going to let it cure over night then polish it right up on up for me either tomorrow or Sunday. I'll take pictures of it later on this weekend.

It's nice having neighbors. I owe him fixing his tractor or something.
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I have a pair of Chippewa boots and like them. I like that many are available in non standard widths, they are resoleable and US made.