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May 12, 2014
Paarl South Africa
Can someone please help me with the torque specs on this tractor engine ?
It is a 44042 Centa VM engine.
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It's not like there are thousands of TBY members who have rebuilt that engine... Might want to look around the net for factory service literature.
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Ha ha ! Lets hope someone can help

In Bellville next to the old Andrag is a company trying to sell Goldonis very cheaply. I cant remember the name of the company, but you should see the tractors if you go there. The salesman is Jaco Steenkamp. He told me their technician services them. Phone or Whatsap me on 0829573570
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That numbre belongs to a farmer that do not have a Goldoni.
I am waiting for Afgri to get me the specs.
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After a long seach on the internet they got the workshop manual for me an put it on a stick. Thanks to Agri !