Golf cart charging


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Mar 4, 2009
L/A deep cycle batteries should never be allowed to get below a 50% charge...
Trying to use 4 different chargers would involve un-connecting the cables that put the batteries in series...this would have to be done for every charge..a PITA...

FWIW...When the RXV carts (fly by wire) were introduced they came with 4 12V batteries...they have switched to using 6 8 volt batteries...

Also FWIW and a possible cause for some of the OP's problems...
The water level in the cells should only be 1/4"-1/2" above the top of the is common to over fill the cells...(this is from Crown)....

L/A batteries should be charged before adding water...


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Jan 30, 2019
Madison, AL
….but fundamentally, is there any problem with using 4 smart chargers simultaneously, one on each battery? I wouldn’t think so, but maybe I’m missing something.
Seems like it might prevent overcharging.
Yes, you could. The outputs should be transformer isolated from the AC mains so no issue connecting the negative of one charger to the positive of another. That you shouldn't have to disconnect the batteries from the golf cart.

For safety's sake use a DVM to check for continuity between the output leads and the AC plug pins. The most likely gotcha would be between ground pin and the black lead... if you have a grounded AC plug. Megaohms is fine, what we are worried about is 10's of ohms.