Good morning!!!!

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if there were an indoor gun range nearby, I'd buy a year's subscription and be a good neighbor and offer it to whoever owns the 9mm.
of course, I have no idea what that costs....but I like the idea.

.22 hollow point will take care of most woodland critters legal to open up on, like rabid ground hogs.
I'm guessing the 9mm is for rabid humans.

speaking of hogs.
Coming down through Virginia, sorry don't remember where but Southern part, I saw something I've never seen except on youtube.
3 big fat feral hogs grazing along the side of the road, back a ways.
hogs on the loose. Bad news. Bad to hit with your car too.
are they smarter than deer?

I wonder how my pepper balls would work on a ticked off charging hog.
I believe avoidance is the plan.
All the pepper balls would do to hogs is pi$$ them off.
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Good Morning Guys ,
Ct, 26 to start going to 42 with sunny skies ! Looks like a beautiful day ! 🙏

Hello people, time to wake up already ! 😁
Good Morning Helo,
Well aren’t you a early riser ! 😉
Es ist zeit fur fruhstuck hier!! 😁
Haben sie ein guten tag ! 🙏

Frits, glad your daughter is Ok, those cars crumple easily, glad that she didn’t get hurt !

Kathleen wants me to do some cleaning in the basement, looks to nice out for that job today ! We will see who wins this one ! 😂

Mike, sorry about your neighbors shooting issues ! I can’t imagine how some type of resolve can be made with the amount of property your sitting on ! Hope it works out !

Hope all have a great day ! 🙏
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good morning all from Malabar Florida, 63 out now going up to around 80. Looks like weather is quickly cooling as I head North, some rain later today in Georgia when I get there.

I like this place but will never come back. The noisiest campground by far in all my experience. Between the active train tracks close by and that highway in front, sounds like I'm parked in Jersey City.

Frits, glad your daughter is ok. did driver airbag go off?
edit, read it didn't, good, that can save you and hurt you at same time

more coffee needed
What, no sirens, booming bass from ridiculous car stereos or gunshots????

🤣😂🤣🤣 then it is quieter than JC
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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to get it right (or at least not screw up too badly).

47.4 F going to low 60s, cloudy day.

yeaterday was Mom’s 86th birthday, she wanted to go to the Casino, so I ensured that the Cherokee children wouldn’t starve this week… Then we took her for Dinner at the Scotsman Pub, we all had the Fish&Chips, and overall it was a good day out.

Today is administrative day around the house, then taking mom to dinner again this evening because why not? Two days in a row I get out of cooking 😂🤣😂

I hope everyone has a happy healthy safe blessed day!
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Too chilly out to go start wood splitting. LOL. Taking in more java.

On the meeting the neighbor, he also said he would work with me to address my concerns. He stated he would build some type of screen or something like that. I did not reply to that only thanking him for his attempt to address the issue.

The fact that 30 minutes later he was back at it tells me the type of person I am dealing with.

It needs to warm up a little quicker.

Remember, be safe in your endeavors today. Oh, wife came home with some more furniture for the Milk House yesterday. LOL. The pressure is definitely on to complete the project.