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Aug 28, 2011
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I'm wondering if there's a good attachment out there that can incorporate grass seed into harder soil besides a grain/grass drill. I had a building built last year and have a couple areas to seed. I had fairly good luck by spreading the seed then using the box blade to pull top soil over the seed in one of the areas. However, some areas didn't get much seed.

I'm in the high plains, so the wind will blow it away if I just spread it and wait for rain. This is just pasture grass to stop erosion.
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I have used disk with good results for seed size if oats. Just lower blade maybe an inch and if blades are nealry straight roll right along and then spread the seed and falls into the openings normally sprout. At same time have the sold disk first and then spreading the seed and taking disc maybe two inches deep set at angle works well to incorporate the seed. If real fine seed would not try to incorporate with disc, think it would cover too deep.
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I had a building built last year and have a couple areas to seed.

How much area? I use a tiller to break up the top couple of inches, seed, rake, roll/compact, then spread grass clippings or straw to help hold moisture and deter birds. That works fine for a few hundred square feet, but might not be practical for acres.
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Ideally, maybe rent a Brillion no-till small grass seeder. 3PT attachment. One pass seeding unless the ground is real rough.

The times I've gotten a pour stand by broadcasting and covering was because I buried the seed too deep. A Cultipacker works best to prevent that.

The "educated" folks say the seed should only be buried 1.5 times the diameter of the seed. Hafta think about that a second. Very easy to bury it too deep.