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Nov 11, 2005
Montana 4940
Does anyone have a picture of a Montana 4340 or 4940 with the curved boom loader, that has a grill guard installed? I would also like to see any pics of a Montana tractor with a grill guard?
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I started a post a few weeks back asking for pictures of the grill guard installed, but no one gave me any. I went and talked to the dealer and he ordered one for me after a member on here gave me the part number for it. I got the gril guard but have not put it on yet. I am going to modify it a little. I am going to weld some mesh on the back side of it. Here are some pictures of it not modified yet.


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Thanks for the response. That is what I need!! I like your idea of putting mesh imbetween the crossbars. I think I will do the same thing when I order mine. I would also like to figure out a way to weld some sort of an extension on the lower part of it, so it would protect the front axle, and push tall grass down before it hits the grill.
I mow some natural gas compressor sites and most of the time, the grass is 4-6 ft. tall. With no grill guard, the seeds at the top part of the weed end up stuck in my radiator, causing it to get clogged and over heat. I would love to see pictures of your machine when you get that project done.
Are you going to paint the wire mesh green like the rest of the grill guard? I heard talk on here somewhere that you can get the part number for the paint that is "Montana Green".
I wonder how the wire mesh will affect the headlights?
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Gavman - I will be keeping my loader on while mowing. The grass I mow will not be much more than a couple feet high anyway. I main reason I wanted the grill guard was for protection from the snow banks that get piled up around here. The snow and ice gets pushed up into the grill if I am not carefull.
I think I am going to paint the mesh black, same color as the front of the tractor grill.
My dealer also has a body shop and he know the paint code and gets his paint custom blended for alot cheaper than montana supplies it for. It costs him more to get it shipped than it does for the paint he says.
I don't think the headlights are going to be that bad as the cab lights shine futher out anyway.
I am hoping to get the grill on within the next couple of weeks. Just got back to work after being out with a buldging disk in my lower back. So haven't done much. I will get pictures then.
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Any chance of getting the paint colour code from your dealer so I can get some mixed down here in East Texas?
I've just finished a mod to my grapple and I'd like to paint it green instead of black.

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There is my problem, I don't have cab lights!!!:) I'll probably put the wire mesh in the places that don't block the headlights. Thanks for the feedback, and good luck with your back situation!! My wife has 3 ruptured discs in her neck from a car wreck, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
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One other thing, what was the part number and price for this grill guard?

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Stampeder - The part number is (MGGU1). This part fits all 4340 and the 4940model tractors with the curved loaders.
I got mine at the dealers cost, but it should not be more than $200-250 or so I would think, maybe more I know the shipping is what cost alot.
I will try to get the paint code when I go pick up my paint. Should be next week sometime.

Gavman - Well maybe you should trade your tractor in for one with a cab:D . Yes after I thought about it I will keep the space for the head lights without mesh, just in case I do anything with the loader off.
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I have a can of Montana Green paint that I got when I bought my tractor.

The code on the can is MT16GRN.

Hope this helps.

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Ron and JDeereKid:

Thanks for the information. I have a 4940C so the grill guard will fit perfectly, except for the colour as my tractor is blue (LG Montana). Out here in East Texas we have a lot of tall pines, that tend to fall over in high winds. The legacy of 3 years of drought. I have a grapple on my bucket that I use for clearing these timbers and I want to protect the grill from errant branches.
Now to find a dealer who can supply the grill at a good price. Nearest dealer to me is about 40 miles away. I wish Montana would sell parts and accessories on line.
I borrowed a two bottom plow from a neighbour yesterday and did a bit of work on my fields in preparation for burning. I have 15.5 acres of which 10 to 12 is going into Tifton 85 this year in place of the Coastal ( and weeds) that was there. This is the first time I've used the bottom plow and with my 4940C four wheel drive it was a real pleasure ( and kind of fun!). I was able to run it in 2nd gear, high range, four wheel drive. Right now I'm cutting fire breaks around the fields so I can burn them.
Now it would quit raining I could get out there again today.