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Latest update.

My front end came in yesterday. I'm just under 50 hours and my dealer wants to go over the tractor and will install the front end at the same time.

A new problem has just come up. My tractor will keep running when turned off. It's happend a couple of times now and is a warrantee fix, but I have to pop the clutch to kill the engine.

I'll bring it down next week and have the mechanic go over everything.
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Eddie the tractor not turning off sounds like the fuel cutoff solenoid needs adjustment or replacement. If it isn't able to pull the cut off completely when you cut the power at the key, the diesel just keeps purring. Not like killing the ignition of a gas engine. That's what I would check first. See if it moves back and forth with the key turning on and off. No need to go all the way to start to see it move or not.
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I'm not familiar with a fuel cutoff solenoid. What does it look like and where would I look for it?

I'll look around the engine by the injectors.

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Should be on the right side of the engine. The tractors I have in stock have the solenoid mounted at the rear of the injector pump. It's a cylindrical shape about 3 inches long with wires coming out of it, a rubber boot on the forward end covering and protecting the linkage that attaches it to the fuel cutoff lever on the fuel pump. It moves back and forth approx and inch when it operates so if you turn the key on and off it should be apparent when it moves. Could be something as simple as a fuse blown, a plug or wire that got disconnected or a linkage from the solenoid to the pump that came off. Those would be the easiest first checks that I would do after first seeing if the solenoid moves with the key on and off.
Hopefully one of those things check out for you.
Your dealer shouldn't be afraid to step up and help you out! Be sure to use them as a resource as well since it sounds like you still are under warranty. Call me if I can help

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Thanks for the information.

I'll try to take a look tomorrow. I have my 50 hour service next week and if I can fix it easy, then I will. If it get involved, then it's a dealer fix.
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Eddie, Nick is on the right track. About 6 months ago Branson notified the dealers of a potential linkage problem on the fuel shut off motor. There was a 10 minute fix for it. You might check with your dealer to see if he is up to speed on that. I assume Century had the same issue and the same fix.