Happy Independence Day!

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Oct 16, 2010
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To all the Americans on TBN, especially our veterans, Happy 4th of July.

A nice song from John Wayne and friends.

John Wayne 197
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Taken at our local 4H Horse show yesterday, Happy 4th Everyone!
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Thanks, Pixguy for the video of a lot of my favorite people. Since I was over yonder in 1970, got back in October, I never heard about this video or ever saw it before.

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope we have many, many more to celebrate.
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I'd never seen that video before; appreciate your posting it.

It's raining here, and been a tremendous lightning show the last 3 hours or so. So it's a good Independence Day for us, since we needed the rain. And I expect it to be over by the time the usual celebrations start.
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The best thought of all........God bless these United States
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God Bless America! (Tractors sure do beat walking in the neighborhood parade...) :laughing:

July 4th Tractor.jpg