Happy Independence Day!

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Aug 31, 2001
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Gotta say, i'm a fan of thing that go BOOM!
If that convention ever comes anywhere near you, go! It's great.

That movie was from 2016. They were here in 2012 as well. I found out about that by accident. I was sitting at home one night and heard fireworks.... for 3 hours! The next night, same thing. 3 hours of fireworks. So I started looking around and found nothing locally. Then came across a fireworks convention in LaPorte. Nah. Couldn't be. Yep. So all that firework noise that I heard at my house was coming from LaPorte, IN.

The fairgrounds at LaPorte are 27 MILES from my house as the crow flies!!!


That's BOOM! (y)

The convention came back in 2016. I'm not sure if it will ever be back there. It caused quite a bit of damage to houses, windows, etc...

Vendors show off their wares. Amateurs set off their creations. They have contests and demonstrations. Some shows are closed to the public. Some are open. The public can go in and buy just about ANYTHING, but they won't let you leave with it if it's not legal for you to possess. The things that aren't legal for the public to possess, they'll take you out in a field with a professional and set it off for you.

They have grand finale shows where vendors showcase their grand finales. 4 hours of grand finale shows several nights a week.... anyhow, you get the picture. These are NOT your normal fireworks shows.