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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
Looking at the T6 or Pro 6. Can anybody shed any light on why a guy would need the Pro over the T series? Any reason I'd regret buying the lower level T series? Looking to make sure that I see all of the advantages/disadvantages before I decide. Around here the dealers are only familiar with the T series and of 2 polled neither new the hitch answer...

Are the hitches ASAE Cat 1 quick hitch compatible?
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Have you looked at the Nortec brand of power rake? They are made here in Wisconsin, up in Antigo. Piranha is the model name. They have multiple tooth options also. Even a optional broom spindle.
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I think from just observation the T-6 would be a better choice. I own the Pro 8. It is very heavy. I definitely need my loader on with my L3830. They take very little power to run. I have the spring tooth scarifiers on my Pro 8 and they do get used considerably.
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I've used a Piranha and had so-so results. I've heard the Harley is a better unit.

The Piranha that I used was slipping the clutch to a point of stopping the roller until I lifted it. The dealer claims to have used it since w/o issue or complaint. In fairness, the dirt that I was in was very hard and heavy clay, and I was tilting and often angling the unit to pitch. The knobs would build grass and dirt on the tips. I'd clean them and in a metter of feet they'd build right back up. When it worked it did a nice job. I'll also add that I quit when teh roller started smoking at the one end bearing. This would be the LH side of the machine. Dealer said all that he found there was maybe some twine wrapped...

The Piranha last I checked is also not ASAE Cat 1 compliant which is important to me. It is a beast and having an Imatch to hook up the pins sure speeds changing of implements. I still have a lot of work with my folk's driveway (1000' plus) and when they build their house a lot of finish work there also.

If you have any points on why the Piranha would be better, please share.
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I had a T-6 and it worked great. There rake did hook up to my landpride QH, it was snug but it did work. I complained and harley built me a new hitch for there rake. There was talk about making all QH compateable.
Whatch the tape, you will learn alot. The rest comes in time.
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Spoke with Glen Mac sales and did learn that the know type roller is better for doing seed beds than the fluted roller as it leaves furrows that tend to promote cracking in the soil and pockets to allow roots to form etc...
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<font color="blue">Spoke with Glen Mac sales and did learn that the know type roller is better for doing seed beds than the fluted roller as it leaves furrows </font>

I'm trying to understand this. Did you mean to say new intead of know? I have the roller with horizontal bars (fluted)? When they wear out, I will get a roller with the carbide tips. It just makes sense to scratch the surface.
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Sorry, knob (not you /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif)
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Well, I got my new T6 and man what a machine! Doesn't jive with the I-match, but oh well. Takes some practic to set up, but once I got the hang of it...
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Can you give an idea of cost...the T6 vs T6Pro? Are the features pretty much the same?