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Sep 2, 2022
I had never heard of a "Harry Ferguson" before.
My brother has one that he acquired after the death of a close family friend.

The only major difference I see between it and the Ford 8N is that if you let off the clutch while operating, the 3 point lift will drop.
That may be an issue with the tractor given the age, and not a design difference in the tractor -- I'm not familiar enough to know.

It was used once or twice a year to mow a 3 acre pasture up until a couple of years ago when the family friend passed.

While doing a little idle-time-killing I stumbled across a number of youtube videos about Harry Ferguson and the "tractor war" with Ford.

Interesting story, and that got me wondering if getting my brother to clean it up a bit might be worth the effort.

I'm hoping someone here might know a little about them.
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There were different models made in England as well as the USA. Many parts are still available. Ferguson actually invented the three point and at one time was in a partnership with Henry Ford. That may be why your tractor resembles a Ford tractor. I suspect ie't actually the Ford that resembles the Ferguson.
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Regarding the 3pt drop, it sounds like the 3pt lift cylinder is leaking by.

Also, to figure out what model Ferguson it is, look at the LH side of the engine for a ‘Z’ number like Z134 to determine the tractor model.