Help ID-ing Montana Tractor?

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Jul 6, 2021
Yanmar YM1500 & YM2000D
Hi all. I'm trying to help a friend repair her tractor. She had a "mobile" tractor mechanic come put a new clutch in it. He put the tractor back together but thats where the work stopped. I ran up the other day to a pile of parts and a mess. Biggest issue is the pressure tube from the hydraulic pump to the steering distributor was bent to holy heck, once I got it bent back in place and installed it leaks like a sieve, it just needs to be replaced.
Issue is I cant find any place that even identifies this tractor. Brand is Montana but the Tag says it was manufactured by LS. Model is LT360D.
Seems like a pretty decent little modern-ish tractor but we have nothing to go on. Help?
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Surf on over to Tractordata dot com and look up the LS LT360 tractor and compare it to the Montana R3644. They are very close so I'm guessing that you might have an R3644.

LS made the tractors for the now defunct Montana. They also made the Farmtrac tractors, also defunct.

LS now makes their own line of tractors as well as several CUT models for New Holland.