Help me pick a mower

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I bought a CubCadet ZT2 54 ( bigger more aggressive tires, Kawasaki 24hp best in class ) this mower cut great, fast and has power ! I pulled the coop across the field afyer building it in the driveway not realizing how super heavy it ended up being, dragged logs and felled trees also with little effort.... amazing machine and if you buy at the right time from the dealerships there are discounts, no interest financing.. got mine for a few hundered less and got an extra 2 years free waranty for a total of 5 instead of 3.... 2 years issue free so far, I bought extra filters to do maintenance myself so I gont have to drag it to the dealership and keep the log in the maintenance manual.
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I mow about 2 1/2 acres. My Kubota M6040 is just too big to navigate around all the buildings, trees, fences, etc. I have a JD X570 to mow my grass.
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Mowing the lawn and yard work has always been something I enjoyed. I'm one of the few that look forward to mowing the grass. Always used a walk behind eXmark or garden tractor to mow my lawn. The end results looked good and both machines were easy to operate. I did try 2 different Z-turns for my property in the past - didn't work out for my needs. Was not pleased with the performance on any type of slopes. I ending up selling and going back to my garden tractors.

Decided to upgrade to a JD x750 with 54" deck - wish I would have done so earlier. The x750 does great on mowing, towing wagon, plugger, whatever. For my bigger projects my MF SCUT comes in real handy with the FEL & BH projects. I do have the 60" MMM deck but have not used it yet.