Help me understand campers please


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Aug 28, 2014
Juneau, AK
HCJ, your trailer roof will leak. They all do. Don't wait for that to start. Get some rubber sheet roofing and put that on as soon as you get your used travel trailer. What I did was to unscrew the trim around the top, put the rubber sheet on top, and screw the trim back on through the rubber, holding it down. That has stood up to several years and several thousand miles of highway travel, and no leaks so far. We live in Juneau, Alaska, so rain is almost constant here, and that rubber keeps it out.

I second the 55 gallon drum septic idea, for very occasional use. I've done that, and it was fine for two of us full time for a summer. If it's two of you for occasional weekends, it will probably last for many summers in your warm climate. Or, keep the trailer in good repair and drag it to a dump station a few times a summer. I never tried that route, but I hear that ``stuff'' can set up in a black water tank if it sits still too long, so that might lead to adventures.

Last of all, consider moving to a free place, where no one will hassle you about building a shed or a castle or camping on your property. There are places where no permits are required, or even available. If you can get a building permit where you live, that's no place I would want to be.