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Feb 18, 2024
Branson 4220i
I recently purchased a used Branson 4220i tractor with ROPS. When I unloaded it and went to back it into my shed, the ROPS was about 2" too high to clear the door. When I unbolted the ROPS to lower it, I found that the right side part that is welded onto the lower section of the ROPs that allows you to lower the top section was broken off. No weld shop will weld it back on because of liability issues, and I am not capable of welding it myself. I am unable to locate the part I need (part # NTF808H000F0 FRAME ASS'Y(R),LOWER listed in the parts manual). The ROPS model # is SWPF6. Does anyone know if there is another tractor with the same ROPS that I could order either that part or the entire ROPS to replace it?
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Just tell welder
You will sign a waiver does he work for the city🤣
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Broken off and no other obvious damage? Do you have photos?
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If there's someone locally who welds roll cages for race cars they might be willing to do the welding for you.