Hey from SC!

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Nov 12, 2020
Pageland, SC
BX 1880 with FEL and canopy
Hey y'all!

I'm Mitchell, posting from the small town of Pageland, Sc.

My dad has a White/Iseki Field Boss 21 4wd. He bought it many years ago and MAN has it been a great tractor! Being 4wd and having a rack of weights on the front makes it able to do a lot of work for such a small tractor!

He has a hefty Takeuchi skid steer and doesn't use the tractor much these days. I have a new house and property and have been doing a WHOLE LOT of work with shovels, picks, rakes, wheel barrows, etc. My dad has told me once I get a shed to park it under I can keep and use the tractor here.

I found this forum while looking at information about dirt scoops, which is an implement I'd like to get for it. Seemed like a nice place to be and I'll undoubtedly have more questions about this tractor or attachments for it going forward.
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Welcome to TBN and congrats on the new place!
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Welcome to TBN! I am sure you will get some great info here!
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Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us.

:welcome: :tractor:
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Welcome to TBN, and congrats on the new place.
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Thank y'all!

We've been in the house since early March.

Here is the place.

I got my hard ready for sod with a small tiller (I call it a cultivator) shovel and rake. Spread the dirt removed for the driveway by hand, dug holes for fence posts for privacy fence by hand, and dug a trench for 120' of water line from the irrigation meter by hand. I'm ready to put this tractor to use haha.

It's my dad's tractor but he'll let me keep it here, and I'll buy my own 3ph implements for it. Seems like no matter how many I knock out, there's always another project around the corner!

I also am mostly a one man band. I usually have to figure out ways to load, unload, move heavy things around the yard and whatnot by myself. I want to get a set of forks to use on the 3ph for the tractor and I already have some pallets. I have a 6x10 tilting trailer that sits low to the ground. I think using that in conjunction with the 3ph on the tractor might help me a lot. IMG_20200721_183226166_HDR.jpg


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Tried to add some photos via edit and they didn't work. Here's some of what I have to maintain and some of what I've had to do without it.

I'm probably going to eventually want a dirt scoop, forks, box scrape, subsoiler (I have more irrigation to run), landscape rake, and an auger. I'll probably just pick each up one at a time as I need it, and keep my eye out for secondhand implements along the way.

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Nice place and looks like you've been busy!