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Oct 2, 2000
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1999 Simplicity Legacy: 20hp air-cooled Kohler w/ 48" deck and 60" dozer blade
I have a John Deere JE75 walk-behind with an aluminum deck. I just noticed that something has punctured a small hole in the deck at the same height as the blade!/w3tcompact/icons/shocked.gif On the outside it looks like it was fiberglass by the way it kind of "splintered". The aluminum is also dented outward at the same location. I usually mulch with this mower (it is now a trim mower as my Legacy has taken the big job at this house). Is this anything to worry about? Should I try to have this repaired? Is there a repair for this?

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Tony; A lot depends on the size of the hole. If it is large enough for a projectile to shoot out, I would be concerned. If it is a small hole, the question is how does it perform (still mulch ok). If it needs to be patched, unless it's really large, a simple automotive body repair kit may work.
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The hole is very small. I guess I am a bit concerned that this is now a "weak spot" and don't want the hole to get larger. It also seemed weird that this happened and I was thinking that this was possibly a structural/material defect?
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If it works OK, I wouldn't be concerned. But, I assume from your response that you don't even know what caused it. That is strange. If you hit something while mowing which punctured the deck, you would of known it, right then and there. So, it looks like a defect is a possibility. Talk to the dealer. Even if out of warranty, you may be surprised.
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Roy, I would be concerned with hairline cracks from the hole/dent. In my way of thinking, I would be looking at having a reinforcing patch 'welded' (aluminum can be welded by an experienced welder) on to prevent further problems with that area of your deck.
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I agree with Scruffy. If your dealer doesn't have anyone experienced in welding aluminum, it shouldn't be too hard to find someone who is, and get it fixed before it gets worse.

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Scruffy and Bird; I think we are in concurrence that the first thing Tony should do is contact the Dealer. He needs to identify the material. What concerns me is the way he described the fracture (looking like fiberglass). There is also the issue of applying a patch to the inside (assuming the internal shell is aluminum). If the patch piece causes an internal ridge, it can impact the air flow, and therefore the mulching performance.
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You're right, Roy. I just assumed (and you know what happens when you do that) that any patch would be put on the outside. And of course, depending on the size of the hole, it might be welded without the use of a patch.

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Bird; That what makes virtual diagnostics so tough, we have to eventually make some assumptions. I also made an assumption that the outside is something other than aluminum (fiberglass) and thus non-wieldable. (Admitting that I have zero knowledge, nor experience, with wielding).
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Talked to the dealer...

I spoke with the dealer that I purchased the mower from. They said it would not be something that would be looked at as a potential warranty item. They suggested that I either replace the housing ($260.33 + tax - OUCH!) or have someone either weld a patch or fill the pinhole somehow. I am also going to contact John Deere directly. Any other ideas?