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So yea,I plan to buy a log peeler and,,,,,,:giggle: not really but I can buy used 1/8" plywood 50 sheets for $50 and endless availability. Have you glued up multiple layers to make thicker sheets (I'm thinking 4 to 6 layers) and how did it work out? I'm thinking of sand bags for clamping. If no previous experinece,does it sound like a worthwhile porject? i would mostly use it on shelves,pallet rack and interior wall covering for storage buildings.
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They make big vinyl heavy duty bags for gluing assemblies while using a vacuum pump to get a loading of 15 psi. I'd like to have one of these.

I did laminate 3 sheets of plywood maybe 24X36", with the middle one oriented 90 degrees differently, to create a heavy "deck" for a 3PT platform lift. I've also done this with 2 sheets 4X8' to create a big work table. I used bags of cat litter to create pressure, though obviously far far less than the 15 psi a vacuum bag would create. Both these projects turned out as I wanted.
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sell it to those people who renovate small old campers, they had nothing but thin plywood on the walls and ceilings.
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You can use saw horses for the base and then 2x6 or
2x8 or 2x10 or 2x12 screw boards into them so they
can't move the space has to be at least 9 ft by 5 ft to
put blocks on the corners to hold the 1/8 x4x8 sheets
then you can glue 4 or 6 sheets together for you side
walls, roofing etc. and you can use clamps to hold down
the plywood while it drys

I read that this stuff is stronger than glue and coverage
is 150 to 180 meters and a sheet of plywood is less than
10 meters Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Glue for Furniture Assembly(id:11558192). Buy China Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsio - EC21

Add up the expense: 50 sheets of 1/8 inch plywood $50
price of glue 5 gal tite bond 11 $121.64 x 2 = $122.28
TOT $172.28
1/2x4x8 plywood $39.56 x13 = $514.28 - 172.28 = $342.00
Is gluing the 4 plywood sheets together worth it?????

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