How about if WE create a training tape?

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Mar 16, 2003
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Hi guys,

Since there has been some occasion to make trips to Tazewell for some of our faithful members who live near PT, what is the interest level for having said members build an actual training tape based on the training Terry does? It occurs to me (one of the guys who lives 3000 miles away) that it would be great to just tape the training, then turn it into a bunch of little videos (just like MossRoad's site). This would not be hard to do. Someone could go to the training (bring your miniDV camcorder, and get permission), and then just get me that mini-DV tape, and I'll go right to work!

What do you guys think?


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I'll buy one. funny, I just got off the phone to Scott to order a spare tire and wheel and asked if they had a training vidio. Nope. Asked if i could put a tilt seat on the 1430. Nope. Asked what kind and size tire chains I should install this winter. don't Know. kind of reminds me of the old days back in trade school where the answer to most technical questions was, figure it out. maybe that's the best way.
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I really like this idea. The type of video needed is to show by pointing out areas of maintenance, zerk fittings, location of nut to loosen when releasing breaks for moving when engine not running, location to put hose for when you change hydraulic oil (getting air out), plus many more. Would not even need Terry in the video but could assist us.
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My impression of the folks at the home office in Tazewell (only from reading these TBN posts - not from personal experience) is that they are an extremely paranoid bunch. My guess would be that they would not want any documentation (be it video, written, or otherwise) produced and distributed by others that included any input from their employees. And quite honestly, in this instance, I could see why they might want to distance themselves from such a project. Without complete editorial control of the content of such a video, they could set themselves up for some serious liability problems by participating in a project like this (or so it seems to me). No doubt, though, that an easily available training video would be very valuable to those who cannot make the pilgrimage to Tazewell.
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You're the only one I know who actually went through the training. Perhaps we should start there. We could even use your new machine as a model! Frankly, I think that with you and MossRoad and others, we wouldn't need to bother or alarm PT, and we could make something (with the proper disclaimers) that would be very useful. Another thought is to have others create videos on how to hook up various implements, etc.


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Boy, I'm for it! I've spent too much precious time trying to reinvent wheels that have already been invented by someone else. I've had some very interesting experiences with this little green machine. Now I wish I'd taken more pictures. If I knew there was a place to post that could really use them I'd be sure the whole process was archived. I don't have a DV camera so you'd have to settle for stills, but a good set of still photos, with instructive captions, is as good as any book. An interesting example would be the day the PT broke the lower heim joint back where no truck and trailer could get to it. I used a chain from the rear pin under the machine and wrapped around the front forks. Raised forks carefully and lower half of machine came back together. I used a short length of 2x4 to push treddle, made very wide turns and walked the machine back to where I could get onto a trailer. Worked pretty well I think, just took several days to think of it. I just finished replacing my first hydraulic motor. That too could have been a 'keeper'. With my luck so far, I'll be a major contributor.
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We may need to split this into new vs. older design machines. As all the new sales will be new designs, they'll soon be many out there. I think we could create an "owners club" like the car clubs around the country. I'd even be willing to pay dues to support the technical things we'd need, i.e. website. Maybe as a club we'd be able to collectively buy a few expensive tools, gauge sets, etc. for working on hydraulics. I was a member of the National Impalla SS Owners Association (NAISSO) for over ten years. They helped me immensly. I don't advocate including Terry in any videos nor implying association with Tazwell, but there is nothing wrong with covering the same subjects he covers. I think that may be a way of getting cooperation from the company if they are assured they won't be on the hook for liability.
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I will be glad to take this on with the help from others. I do have a video camera and a digital camera. I will be at the trade show on Saturday, if it presents itself, I will pose the question of this project without the help from PT. I do need to go over the points of the training again.
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Have been thinking about how to do this that would help others the most. A couple of thoughts for you to consider.
Training done at PT is not very extensive or unusual. There are some areas that were covered which are very important for later use but one would forget whatever he learned in the training. Looking at the manual confused me more than helped. With this in mind I would suggest that a good set of photos with arrows pointing to area of discussion and explanation would be of more value than a video. This could be done for each type of tractor with commonality by grouping.
Here is a list of items that need to be addressed by picture or video.
1. Hydraulic oil change, location of port to attach the bleed hose. One does not do this very often and the picture in the manual is more confusing than helpful.
2. Location of nut to loosen, would release the breaks if necessary.
3. Location of all 5 zerk fittings.

Training talked about type of oil to use, greasing and how often, oil changes and how often, how to operate, etc. Then it is your turn to ask questions which may or may not lead into topics of discussion.

The hard part to providing a video or good set of pictures is how to obtain. This needs to be available for everyone at no cost. The logical place is with MossRoads home location as he has developed the standard for all of us. If David would be agreeable I would help produce. At this point we would need the older style 425 and the newer one. Then you have the other type PT machines, which need special attention also.
I would be interested in looking at both the new and older 425 machines and compare any differences, which would be of help in the photos.
It is unfair to expect MossRoad to take this on. I hope someone else may have some ideas as to how we can make it available to everyone.
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Right now I have a limited amount of web space. It will fill up eventually. I use other parts of my web space for other family functions. I have to balance between what I want to show the world and what I want to keep for my family. The biggest hogs of my space are the videos. By limiting the number of videos, I can place many many pictures. I was thinking of putting up a parts list. This would be helpful to myself and others with the same or near same model as me.

Why don't we come up with the concept of what we want first, then we can determine how much space it might take up. After that, we can determine where the best place for that might be. It might end up right here at TBN. Wouldn't that be nice? Think about it. If we managed our threads to stick to the topics, we would already have 3/4 of what we are talking about right here /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif