How do I remove rimguard beet juice?

   / How do I remove rimguard beet juice?
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Mar 3, 2022
Massey Ferguson 1725mb
I have an update. I managed to get both of the old tires off the rims and I got the new tires onto the rims. By on to I mean I got the rim inside the tire loose. I fought with it all day and bought some tire tools from harbor freight. I finally gave up and put the tractor on jack stands outside for the night. I took it to a tire shop this morning and they had it done in 45 mins.

I forgot to take pics but I’m real happy it’s done as we’re about to get a decent storm or so they say. I still wanna get those 75 weights I found on fb and I might fill the tires with fluid aswell. Just because I work the loader pretty hard. A little extra weight on the opposite end can’t be a bad idea.

Oh I used my backhoe to break the beads. My yard is all stained from that damn beet juice. I can smell it outside still. I think it smells like soy sauce.
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Apr 24, 2012
N. Texas
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I used 4 gallons of antifreeze and water for each tire, never had any problems with freezing.
I had the local tire shop do my tires when buying new on one of my tractors. Here in N. Tx., he put in 6 gallons of AF to 50 gallons of water in each 13.6x28. Never had a problem. Besides, slush doesn't pose a problem. Freezing solid does!