How do you build a gravel driveway?


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Jan 21, 2013
Roberts Creek, BC, Canada
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I just built a 1200 foot road in the Pacific Northwest rainforest. We removed all of the topsoil, replacing it with roadbase ("6" minus") so that when a dumptruck drives on the new and expensive finished road wet soil will not punch up through the road. No landscaping cloth will prevent the spongey soil from leaking moisture into the road as it is then compacted by traffic in that scenario and you'll be fixing the road forever. Seems like a no brainer. Ditches are constructed so as to run water away from the road. Where we have a trench, we put a french drain (2" drain rock) along one side.

Building such a road is not a job for us amateurs. Consult a local professional who will be familiar with your many and varied local challenges. Building a road in Arizona desert and building a road in the Pacific Northwest rainforest are two completely different enterprises. Alot depends on what the earth looks like. It might be bedrock or clay or (as in our case) 3 feet of topsoil. Also, your locally available materials will affect how you proceed as you probably can't afford to b bringing 80 truck loads of 3/4" crush from Seattle if someone here advises you use 3/4" crush.

Good luck!