How do you do roof work?

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Apr 19, 2019
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In another forum people were talking about people who work on roofs professionally as if they all wear roped harnesses and helmets and keep a minimum of 3 body parts in contact with the roof at all times. But I don't think I have EVER seen that. The roofers and repair people that I've watched on my roof don't have any safety equipment.

I just blew leaves off my roof and out of my gutters. My roof is a simple rectangle with a single ridge, and its slope is more gradual than most. My gutters are 8' to maybe 15' from the ground (because the ground slopes). I wear rubber soled shoes and get the various loose bits of clothing zipped and tied into place, and I move carefully and don't get my feet within about 18" of the edge. But what should I be doing? Is this too risky?

How do YOU do it?
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When I was a young carpenter we didn't have no stinking safety gear. We walked walls and climbed timbers with nothing but our strength and balance to keep us safe. lol
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When I built the house here in 1982 - I did almost everything - including the roof. It's not really that steep and that was some 40 years ago. I had the roof "reroofed" with 100 year shingles - eleven years ago. I had the pros do it.

BTW - the ONLY thing I didn't do when building this house - install the carpet in the living room. I did all the electrical, all the plumbing and all the unglazed quarry tile floors, etc, etc.

Back in 1982 I fell off the roof once. I learned to be more careful. That's why the pros did the reroofing.
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If you are scared of doing roof work try using plastic or paper. Most roofers will accept a credit card or check.
Remember -
Gravity is a law.
Falling on soft body parts from 8 foot may be fine. 15 feet is worse.
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Younger and dumber....


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Cougar paws roof shoes, make it pretty easy to walk on even fairly steep pitches.

I can walk comfortably on roofs when I have them on, even though my ankles don't really appreciate it.

They have gone up tremendously in price in the last year, so they are a bit costly to buy new, but you can usually find them used for a decent price.
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Cougar paws roof shoes
I see the photos on their web site show people working without any safety gear. Unless you count their product, which appears to be nice grippy rubber soled work boots. No harnesses or ropes, though.
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I stay low and keep at least one point of contact with the roof at most times. I naturally have a low center of gravity so generally it isn't an issue, I've only fallen once.
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Contractors have to satisfy OSHA rules. Homeowners dont. Me, i have a 2 story house with a 5:12 pitch. Not too steep, but as i got older i didnt like getting too close to edge when cleaning gutters. I broke down and got an extendable wand for pressure washer to clean gutters. Some areas i can do from ground, others i do from roof, but i can stand 5+ feet from edge.