How Dumb can I get?

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Thanks Tugboat-2, no offence taken. After that day the daughter doesn't much care for the "wood deal" she has a hard time with the site of blood{faints if she see's to much}. The wife doesn't use the spilter that much mostly likes to stack wood. Even though I'm the user it is on the fixer up list for winter projects.
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Wow, glad you were not more seriously hurt.
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Yup, stuff like this can happen. A friend got his hand in a similar situation. Fortunately for him his neighbor was an orthopedic surgeon who got him into emergency and surgery within minutes as the hospital was only a couple of miles away. It ended well for him but of course he was subjected to the usual "Run out of wood?" questions.
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Log splitters have a tremendous amount of power, we have to respect them.
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I forgot to mention: A couple yrs back I had my daughter And wife running the spliter/doing firewood. They were very carefull but ole dad was IN A HURRY, actually I was suppose to be doing something else. Well I ran accross a small FEL load of wood so I figured what the hey... I drove over with the load and figured I'd just knock it out quick, so that I could get out of their way. So I started shoving wood on kind of at an awkward postion. A few mistakes ended up ripping my finger nail completely off and busting the tip of the ole finger. I was in a hurry, figured I could just get it done, and didn't setup for a "Good Plan Of Attack".

I also found out that my type spliter has a bolt that sticks out on the wedge{my wedge moves}. This bolt is easy to miss if not paying attention and will catch on things{finger}. Someday I need to put some type of guard on it.

Yes, I see you are member of that Brain Surgeon club we spoke of in another post.
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I was using the log splitter a few days ago and I was doing it by myself. Usually my grandson helps by standing across from me and when the log is first split he puts the back half on the frame until I get the front half split, then sets it on the bed and we split that. Like most splitters you have to hold the detent valve to split but the ram will reverse by itself.

Well being in a hurry as it was getting dark, I reached over the ram to get the second half of the log as the ram was reversing and my hand slipped off the wood so I grabbed it again and before I could lift it up the return ram crushed my right arm between it and the detent valve.

I was able to drop the wood and grab the valve with my left hand and pull it forward before my arm broke and before the ram reached the full reverse position but I have a heck of a bruse just below my elbow and some swelling and weakness.

I guess I better find a better way to do this if I'm alone again.

With our log splitter to reverse the ram we have to pull the lever back..after reading what happened to you I am glad we have to do that. Automatic reverse is nice but dangerous if alone it seems. Sure glad you were able to think and react so quickly. Just another reminder to all of us that all of our power equipment can be so dangerous we have to stop just before we use it and really concentrate on getting the job done safely.
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G'day i recently had a log splitter in at work with a bad relief valve in the spool fitted up a new splitter valve with detent return the owner did not want to spend too much money so did not want a couple of new hoses to orientate the lever in line with the ram so it was plumbed up with the lever towards the ram to split and away for return, the machine returned a week or so later due to aeration of the oil his secondhand suction hose was cracked, no prob i fixed that and went to test it and found he had changed the hoses around so that it detented in split mode:eek::eek:. I explained to him that this was wrong and asked him why he did it? "" it means i can use two hands to hold the wood!!"" I explained that if he left it this way he might only have one hand to split with he still could not see the problem:rolleyes: all i know is it was right when it left work again, some people should not have machinery!!!!