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Apr 12, 2011
I was using the L3700su yesterday... just has to pick something up and put it in the back of the dump truck. I noticed how low on tread my front R4 tires were.. the tears are fine but the fronts only have about 1/2 of lug depth left on them. They are original and I guess about 8-9 years old now. Tractor has about 300 hrs on it with a mix of dirt and asphalt use. If I recall correctly, my skid steer would use up a set of tires every 250 hrs or so under mixed use.
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My l3800 has over 700 hours and the fronts still look good and its about 10 years old.......Most times 2 sets of front to 1 set of rear tires.... That's all a skid steer does is eat tires......:laughing:
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About 1400 hours on my NH TC33D (which as near as I can tell now weighs close to 4000# before adding an implement on the rear). Still on the original R4 tires, except for one front tire that I tore up years ago while pretending my tractor was a skidder on some rocky ground. The fronts are probably getting due for replacement. Almost all of my use is off-pavement, and when on the road, I'm always sure to put it in 2WD. Running in 4WD on pavement is hard on tires, especially the front ones.
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When I had my L2800 for 10 years very little tire wear,mostly dirt work and mowing very seldom on pavement also 4wd when needed.
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I bought my first tractor - Ford 1700 4WD - new in 1982. I traded it - 2009 - for my Kubota M6040. The rear tires still looked brand new with about half of the tread remaining. I attribute this to sheltering in my carport - out of the sun. The front tire had been replaced - extensive loader work and the Uber-sharp basaltic lava bedrock here.
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Kubota L3710, one front tire started leaking through the side wall at 800 hours and 16 years old. The tractor is always stored indoors and only one tire was dry rotted. Changed them both. The rears will need to be changed out in a few years, I'm now at 1100 hours and 21 years. My Kubota ZD21 I changed the front tires at 600 hours and 12 years, old age did them in. I expect to get a few more years out of the rears.
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Around here, folks who do a lot of hard surface traveling between fields have the most wear and that wear is of a particular pattern, easily traced to road damage. Ties cost a lot of money, but if amortized over the useful life of the tire, in ag. service per se, a bargain. (BTDT opinion)
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My B2910, a smaller tractor, with foam filled front tires and about 1800 hours still has reasonable tread left on the front tires.

18 years old but maybe ten minutes of operation on a hard paved surface.

May be a message here. Especially if you use 4wd on paved surfaces.
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My 16 year old B7800 with about 750 hrs went through one set of fronts (blew out the sidewall on one, but the tread was still good).. The rears are still 80%. Tractor is parked out in the desert sun all the time. I believe that ozone pollution in populated areas is worse on tires than the sun.
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Use 4wd on pavement something is going to break a long time before the tires wear out.
Pulled onto the pavement at the end of my driveway to turn around while in 4wd once, never did that again. Front end was binding and skipping on the pavement! Don't think it would take long to be breaking something expensive!