How much transmission fluid to add??

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Oct 16, 2012
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lk 2552
I have a kioti LK2552 tractor.
The transmission/hydraulic fluid has never been changed.... as far as I know.
I drained out the old fluid and got about 4 gallons.
The owners manual says capacity is 6.3 gallons
Unfortunately, there is no dipstick. Just a sight window to check the fluid level.
The window is so old I can't see the fluid level.

I assume since I opened all 4 drain plugs and changed the filter that I got all the fluid that was in the system out. and should add 6.3 gallons back. I don't want to overfill.

You agree??

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I don’t have a dipstick for hydraulic oil in any of my equipment.

You’ll have to use the site glass. The glass may be fine; it may be that there’s just not enough fluid in it to raise it to where you can see it.

Based on what you described, I’d put in a little under 4 gallons, then maybe add a quart, then go look at the glass. Keep adding a little bit less each, then check the glass again. Just repeat that until you see the fluid in the glass.
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Could you see the oil level before you changed it?
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If the sight glass is at the back of the transmission like many are, make sure the tractor is level when adding fluid.

Also if the 3pt is raised there's some fluid in those cylinders. The loader cylinders might hold a gallon or more but since they are double acting rather than the 3pt's single acting, the volume difference between up and down won't be all that much, just the rod volume.
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While the fluid is out replace the site glass. I would hope it's replaceable. Did that with a skidsteer. It was not expensive.
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Working on trying to find a new sight glass. Looks like from diagrams there are 2 kinds. A push in type which is easy to find. And a threaded one which is what I need…. Harder to find.

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Perhaps you can clean or polish the old sight glass enough so you can see the fluid level. You said the old sight glass was threaded. Red-neck solution: Thread adapters/petcock into the bottom fixture; open the valve and add fluid until it comes out the petcock; then you know the fluid level would have been visible in the sight glass. Additional embellishments: The petcock may have a barbed fitting; affix a similar barbed adapter to the upper sight glass fitting and install a length of clear plastic tubing between them.
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If you believe that the oil has never been changed I’d do a few flushes to get as much of the old oil out. So put new oil back in, the same amount that you initially removed. Atleast the tractor is back in service while you’re researching your options.
Be aware that you can only see the level if the line is at the glass. What I’m saying is… overfilled-no line to see/underfilled-no line to see. Someone needs to be adding oil when near capacity, while you are watching the glass. Thus my question earlier that you haven’t answered yet… 😉
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