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Sep 26, 2014
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So I have a noob question :ashamed::

How does one disconnect a box blade from the 3PH? I lower the implement onto the ground and I can disconnect the toplink, but the sidelinks are tight against the implement. I could hammer the pins out, but I don't know if that is normal to do or not, lol. I don't want to break something.

Any hints? Thank you!
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Try blocking up the ends towards the edge closest to the tractor with some 4x4 or 6x6 scraps or some such. Lower the box blade so they support it in the front and gets it out of a bind. As you slowly lower your rockshaft lever watch your pins "relax" when you are lowering it down onto the blocks then stop. Your blade should be out of a bind at that point.

Also what is know as a handyman jack or farm jack is handy to have too - most popular brand is Hi Lift but you don't have to get that just so you can google and get an idea of what I am talking about. We used them a lot when I was a kid on the farm trying to hook up or unhook larger implements from big tractors.
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It's set so that its in a bind when it's lowered. Adjusting the top link as you set it down to relieve the binding will make everything come apart a lot easier. Depending on how tight the pins fit it could take a few light taps from a hammer to drive them off. But it shouldn't be forceful.
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You need to figure out what is causing the hitch arms to be in a bind. Work with the tractor and implement to get slack in the pins, up, down, forward and reverse. If you think it is hard to unhitch expect the hitching up to be a lot harder to do. You can use a hammer but you need to remove the binding as much as possible first. Generally you can lower the 3ph arms down as they will float but you may have to raise them up by hand. If you have telescopic lower links it can make the process much easier. They allow for movement on the ends of the lower links to solve the hitching problems.

I use quick hitches to make things easier to hook and unhook, saves me a lot of grief.
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Dang, three responses in 6 minutes, where are all you guys when I have questions.
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Connecting the box blade was no problem as I do have telescoping side links. I will try messing with it a bit more to see if I can get some relief off the side links. I was going to wait to get the quick hitch, but I think I may get that sooner than later.

Thank you!
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Do you have a stabilizer chain or arm that's too tight?

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If you have the telescoping end links it sure is a lot easier.They should move up and down a bit as well as in and out.It will get easier with a little practice and a 2lb.hammer.
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Quite honestly, I use a hammer quite often to loosen or remove the side arm, but there's always some 'give' to the arm anyway.
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All good advice here. After a little experimentation with your particular setup, you'll have a pretty good idea of how to position each of your implements as you lower them for easier removal. With a box blade, it usually depends a lot on the "rake" of the end plates. The more worn they are on the bottom, towards the front, the more the BB will angle down at the front as it settles on the ground. That (and of course the level of the surface it's on) determines how much of a shim or shims you'll need under each end plate to minimize binding.

Quick-attach style hitches are great, but even then the implement needs to be oriented correctly to prevent binding and insure easy reattachment. If you'd like to investigate that option, I've found that the Harbor Freight quick-attach hitch is a good value for Cat 1 up to 45 hp. Around $80 on sale with 20% coupon.