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Aug 27, 2010
Southeastern CT
Mahindra 3550, Hitachi 120-2
I have a 3550 (Tier 4 5035), and I've been using it to operate a cordwood saw over the past few weeks. Every once in a while, while taking an aggressive bite, it will slow down the PTO, without seeming to slow down the engine much.

Anyone here with a HST that is able to stall their PTO without stalling the tractor?
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I've loaded down my snow blower [ not lately though, no snow for weeks ] and have not seen any slippage.... if that is what you mean. The PTO clutch is hyd operated by solenoid, and those type clutches are usually fairly stought. You might check with your dealer to see if there is any adjustment for that clutch. I have the older 5035 Tier 3 setup, but most of the running gear is probably the same.
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Thanks Jerry,
I am definitely getting slippage, I will have the dealer check it out when it's there in a couple weeks.

Hope it isn't anything too serious. Good news in the fact that I'm not reaching PTO power potential, bad news in that something is wrong.
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Ok so I'm an idiot.

The PTO shaft keeps spinning just fine when the blade is stopped. You can't see the pto shaft when operating the saw, and I guess I never bothered until today to watch while someone else stalled the saw.

No problem with the tractor. I guess the belts are slipping, though they don't make a squealing noise which is why I didn't suspect them at first.
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Heh, rather be an idiot than have a broke tractor.... !!!! :) Me, I NEVER screw up...!!!! Belts slip on my big chipper, too. Usually when the idiot operator tries to make it work too hard. Who ever he is......... :) A little belt slippage is probably a good thing. Rather have the belts slip than bust a gear inside the tractor. But they should be at least tight enough to bog down the motor some. Enjoy your beast..!!!
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I completely agree that it's better to be an idiot than have a broken machine. i was so relieved when I saw the blade stop and the driveshaft keep going.

I also slip belts all the time on my chipper (woodmaxx 8h). I've never stalled my old tractor or the new one with it, but I slip belts all the time. It's been better since I put a weld bead on the outside of the flywheel-it used to be that chips would get wedged in there and act as a brake. The weld clears them out so that can't happen anymore, I haven't had it jam since, even with lots of sappy white pine. Make an awful racket though when it does jam!