Humming Bird Moth

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Every once in a great while - warm, early summer night, lilacs in bloom - might see one resting on the side of the house in the evening.
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I usually see them every year, but haven't seen one this year. I think they are pretty cool as well.
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Guess that's what this is. When I was in boot camp, back in the dark ages, one of the guys insisted hummingbirds were really just insects. He probably had these in mind.


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I had never seen or even heard of these before this summer. Had 2 or 3 of them in a milkweed patch (along with a zillion bees and a bunch of other assorted insects).
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Saw one last year. Had never seen one before. I had to do a google search. They are pretty cool creatures !
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I see them every year in northern ny. Never at night though. I see them side by side with the bees working over the flowers. Funny looking things and not much afraid of people.