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Dec 7, 2004
Western Illinois
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I thought it might be good to start a new thread about the hummingbirds this fall.

Yesterday we had between 40 and 50 feeding heavily at our feeders. Tonight maybe 10 at the most.

We are in northern Illinois (where I-80 crosses the Mississippi) and it looks like they are starting to head south. Last night's low was in the 40s and they must think autumn is just about here.

Last year I think they left on the 30th of September. You folks further south, please welcome our flock - they were welcome guests here all summer.
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We still have ours, but we are WAY south of you..
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I always enjoy those little guys
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We still have about four pair here. At one time about three weeks ago we had twenty five to thirty five. It stayed in the 90's and had to refill five feeders everyday. I've been told and have read to leave your feeder out till they leave. Thier internal clock knows when it's time to move on. By leaving them out they have ample food to shuttle down to thier next stop. Our's are the ruby throated hummers. I have two feeders still out and it's starting to drop on temp to the upper fifties here at night. I don't think they'll hang around much longer. Although it warms to the mid seventies and they are quite active during this time.

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We are down to just a couple here in southern Ohio. We never had near as many this year as usual. Maybe a dozen at most vs. typically 40 or so.

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My wife keeps six 3-cup feeders out all summer for our 50-60 hummers. The last few weeks we've had many more passing through "swarming" our feeders and are refilling three or four of the feeders daily. Last year, she accounted for 110-lbs of sugar we fed the hummers, but we haven't kept a count this year. We've had more hummers this year and enjoy watching them.

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A couple of summers ago I spent almost 6 weeks on and off trying to get footage of hummers preening themselves or perched for PBS. That little bird hates to sit still! Last night it got down in the 40's so I don't think they will be around much longer.

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Last time I saw those hummingbirds was lasst spring/early summer when they were buzzing around my hostas. :(
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We had about 20 working the 2 feeders all summer. I was going through 4# of sugar a week. I had to get more so I bought 24# on sale and 2 days later THEIR GONE! That was a couple weeks ago. Anyone want to buy some sugar? LOL
Since then we'll get a bird or two show up in the evening and hang around for several hours in the morning but never see them again on the feeders all day. So we presume they are stragglers moving south and just spending the nite. It's been 4 days now since we've seen any at all so I'll probably pull the feeders in a couple more days if there's no action. They sure did keep me busy this summer.
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They left peterborough ontario area last wednesday. they usually leave about the 10th of september in this area and return the 2nd week of May in the spring
I have records of 20 years or so
The males leave maybe a week earlier and are first to return in the spring