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Nov 2, 2014
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Anyone use a bagger on their TS348/354? How well does it work, suction and pick up debris? Did you install high left blades? Thanks
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My neighbor has the 54" model. It did not pick up well until he purchased the proper blades. Now he loves it.
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2 answers.

1).I had a 2018 Husqvarna TS354 (54" deck) with triple bagger using OEM stock mower deck blades. I did not buy mulching blades. I leveled the mowing deck per instructions on the level garage concrete floor. It sucked up everything. I never raked....ever...just unloaded at mulch pile. The bagger chute does need cleanout if there's any moisture, as does the deck, but the flow was great. The chute is a PIA to detach so I keep a 3 ft 1x2 stick at the mulch pile to clear it when I unload clippings. I had a lawn mower lift which made deck cleanout easy.....approximately every 3rd time of use or when I knew I had used it under "not dry enough" conditions. Simply hosed it off.

My wife and daughters always had to re-run rows to clean up because they were taking a "full cut" in width or close to it. I usually run a 2/3rd to 3/4ths cut with the deck. It picks up everything. If it's not picking up, clear chute & deck. If this doesn't solve problem, check operator head space & timing ..... demonstrate driving mower with less than 54" or 48" cut until everything is sucked up into bagger. With Fall leaves, I took a 1/2 cut and re-ran the rows to finish cleanup, but I'm fussy and this 24HP mower throws chopped up leaf debris everywhere.

No raking was required with this mower, none, zero.

Loved this rider. Sold the mower with the last house.

2). Just bought 2021 TS348 (48" deck) with triple bagger using OEM stock mower deck blades. At the new, old house, they never did Fall cleanup, so I'm running over 3-4 layers of leaves in some parts of 1 acre. It picks up everything.....even wet everything. I'm going to try mulching blades only because I want to see how small the clippings will be for the mulch pile. For leaf pickup, I'm taking a 1/2 width cut and I keep clearing the chute with each load delivered to the mulch pile. I leveled my deck, but I didn't measure what height each of my settings is at. First pass is at highest, setting 7, lowest last pass at 4.

In a surprise, the OEM bagger kit contained a 48cc Mower Containment Plate Service Kit, part # 594115001, with addendum sheet. Warning: the Containment Plate should be installed on the mowing deck BEFORE the mowing deck is installed. The addendum sheet shows the kits part numbers and an exploded kit parts diagram so you can install it.

No where on the sheet does it state which models the containment plate is for, so I called Husqvarna Tech Support with my basic "WTF is this?" question. The very knowledgeable tech said. I know exactly what that is. It improves your mower deck flow substantially. It's not "required", but is "recommended". It picks up everything. We included it because customers keep complaining about flow and get angry when we charge them another $100 for the fix, so we included this brand dandy new part in all the new bagger kits.

I pointed out that my TS354 worked fine with operator driving attention and less than a full width cut. The Tech laughed and said most customers expect to use the full width of the mowing deck and pick everything up. Laughing, I asked if people were this dumb, since I learned this partial cut lesson about age 9 running a Craftsman push mower with bagger? The Tech laughed and said typical customers expectations were different than mine.

I installed the containment plate. It works great & improves flow. I still don't take full width passes. I still have to clear bagger chute. I don't know if this will make cleaning the mowing deck harder?

And Yes, achieved the Goal! I'm still not raking! Don't have to rake with this Husqvarna TS348 and bagger setup.

48cc Mower Containment Plate Service Kit, part # 594115001, with addendum sheet attached


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