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Aug 21, 2012
L4740 HST, DK65S
My local auction sells new Chinese copies of American skid steer loader hammers/breakers for about $2k. Does anyone out there have any experience with them? Brands are TMG, AgroTK, Mower Kings, Wolverine, Landhonor etc
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Can't believe no one has any experience with these
Oh well, I bought one anyway
Picking up this week or next
Will post results
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It worked great from a demo standpoint. It demo'd 8" reinforced slabs like a knife through butter. The only downside is that concrete fragments fly all over the place and it's hard to keep the jobsite clean. When slabs were thinner I resorted to cutting with a TARGET PAC IV which worked even better
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Cool. Thanks!
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I only have experience with a bigger one. A Rock-Tech on a Cat 330.

So only advice I can give you is get familiar with the grease points and grease it often during use to extend it's life.
And for grease you need what is called "chisel grease" It is a high impact grease, black, and if you get it on you, have fun getting it off, LOL