Hydro vs CVT - Possible Trade

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Nov 23, 2006
Kubota L6060
Looking at possibly trading in a 2008 Case DX45 (TC45) hydro with 1,600 hours for a new 2016 55C CVT (54D New Holland equivalent). Anyone with experience with the newer CVT tractors from Case or NH? How do you like the CVT vs the hydro? Also seems to be a lot of differing info on who is making the engines? Finally anyone price the new 55's lately? This one is all decked out including loader, 2 rear remotes, hydraulic links on loader cross frame for 3rd function, SSA on loader, loaded tires. The numbers they are giving me seem to really good and I'm tempted to jump on it.

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Don't have any experience with the CVT in the Farmalls or Boomers, but I'm curious, too (although way out of my price range!). Check in the New Holland forum; I've seen some threads on the CVT over there. Some love 'em, some hate 'em. I think it would be hard to replace the simplicity of a twin pedal hydro trans for loader work and general tractor tasks. I'm looking for a good DX45. We had a DX35 hydro that my father sold last year. It was a great tractor, just a few more hp would have made it nearly perfect. Judging by your profile, looks like you may have bought the 55c CVT? How do you like it? Did you end up trading or selling the DX45?