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Apr 12, 2017
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Need help with I.D.
My dad called it a corn cutter... does not look like any I can find. Just curious what it is. No markings of any kind.
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I'ld call it a "Spring tine tiller".
Different from some, but would serve the same purpose of breaking up the soil after mould board plowing.
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What would the wheel thing in the middle do?
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A picture from the other side would probably help. From this angle it looks like something pretty light duty that would hang from the four points and cover a pretty good area. My first thought is I could see that thing hanging from the belly of an old tractor raking something sandy like a beach or an arena. Is there a drawbar or some other attachment point on the other side?
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That's what we would have used to chop cotton.
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Where? I just don't see them attached to each other. If that wheeled thing below rotated, it would catch the spring tines.

I think bcp has the right idea in post 6.

I'd try lifting the spring tine frame up with something and see if the wheeled thing stays on the ground.
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