I just got carded

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Apr 12, 2011
Yep, I'm just over 50 and just got carded..at Home Depot....for buying a can of...Spray Paint.....I now need to be 21 to buy a friggin can of spray paint. .....Seriously, ....
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It probably contained huffable intoxicating accelerants. Chemically addicted individuals will huff anything including hand sanitizers to fulfill their needs. Sad, but true.
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Wait until your over 60 :confused2: but on the other hand kinda makes you feel good.
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I’m not sure how I feel about that. I can see the idea, but kids can also huff gasoline, and they don’t card people for that. Perhaps spray paint is more desirable?

When I’ve seen huffers on “Cops”, they look pretty stupid with their dazed expression and painted face - still denying that they were huffing.
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Take ALL warning labels off everything and let nature run it's course. We'll be a smarter nation in 5 years.
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Just wanted to say so many good and wise replies to this. On a similar subject I'm 67, and thinking as a kid I had not just friends around my age but loved visiting 60+ people. You never see that now, but I enjoyed their knowledge and wisdom. Now young people seem isolated and don't visit. We were too busy building and doing things. The neighbor kids if I do (although rarely) see outside it's riding an ATV.
Yes, combine all the thoughts here and rather than addressing the problem it's yet another warning label, or product no longer available. No more common sense.
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There's two different reasons for that and it goes through stages around here in certain areas. One is huffing, probably less common anymore but still happens, the next is graffiti, you're in Boston or at least the outskirts... I've seen the spray paint be in a locked cabinet before in some areas, and at one point Tide pods were in a locked cabinet...
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There are "Top Shelf" and "Bottom Shelf" huffables; but when in need any huff will do. Although I saw some buffers did have their favorites as to first and last choices. Degree of need, situation, ease of use, and availability were the deciding factors.

I never thought about other reasons for limiting access for spray paint. Thanks for expanding my reality base.

It's $ profit for big business VS $ cost of liability with the legal system as the medium of exchange that drives almost everything on the market. Lawyers and their supporting professions are the only real winners. The only losers are the consumers and its just not related to huffing and huffers. I blame all parties; when it comes to acquisition of $, power, and control I see no Red-Blue-Green differences only differences in methods.
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Here in Michigan they ask for ID when buying spray paint and I'm 70 and been asked for ID. I show them my CCW....:laughing:
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Yep, I'm just over 50 and just got carded..at Home Depot....for buying a can of...Spray Paint.....I now need to be 21 to buy a friggin can of spray paint. .....Seriously, ....

Don't feel bad. I"m 84 and look it and got carded buying a jug of schnapps. I had heard about the paint one. I think it also has something to do with tagging as well as huffing.
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